Tasks can be completed either by the hour, as part of a multi hour package or on a retained basis.  You choose the type of support that best suits your needs.


If you’ve got a task that needs doing but you’re not sure exactly how long it will take or if you have a specific budget to stick to then please contact me – we can discuss the best way to move forward.


Your invoice will include a detailed breakdown of all the time I spend working on your tasks so you can be confident in the bill you receive.

I can offer you assistance from as little as one hour for single, ad hoc or smaller regular tasks, multi hour packages for those with larger, single projects and monthly retainers for business who require regular support.

Pricing is based on the number of hours you require so all you need to do is choose what works best for you.


This will suit you if you wish to use our services as a one-off or if you have a small amount of work that you need help with. 

Payment is by invoice in arrears and there is a minimum charge of one hour.

Single Use Rate

1 hour @ £35 per hour


These rates may be more suitable if you have a set budget, or the work you need support with is quite ad-hoc.  This service may also be suitable for businesses who require support with a specific project such as organising a corporate event. 

Payment is required in advance and packages must be used within one month of purchase.

Unused time is non-transferable nor refundable.

Single purchase (multi hour)

5 hours @ £32 per hour = £160

10 hours @ £30 per hour = £300


If you require regular, ongoing support and want to guarantee the time, then a retainer would be the most appropriate way forward.

Retainers will be invoiced monthly in advance and must be used within one month of purchase.  Unused time is non-transferable nor refundable.

Retainer Packages

20 hours retainer @ £30 per hour = £600

30 hours retainer @ £30 per hour = £900


Our day rate service has been devised for and will suit businesses who require onsite support at events and/or meetings.  10 working days advance notice is required for on-site support.

Payment is required in advance and must be taken within one month of purchase.

Day Rate 

£280 (7 Hours)